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Born Lancaster England 1981


B.A. Fine Art Byam Shaw School of Art                        

M.A. Painting R.C.A London                                               


I studied painting at the Royal college of Art in London but in recent years have become intsered  For a long time I have had an interest in the intersection of what would be considered graphic and fine art.  Conceptually I try to play on ideas of taste and grandiosity to explore this meeting point.


My current body of work is produced with Indian ink fine-liners and watercolour. The drawings have a high level of detail achieved with a combination of observational drawing and a more intuitive technique found in cartooning. I try to create images that have an element of mystery whilst hopefully retaining their sense of humour. My technique has shifted between different styles with references from WW2 information posters to 19th century engraving but I would hope that many of my main interests and themes carry on throughout it all.


Much of the imagery plays with themes of exoticism, quite often mashed together from various cultural sources. Many of my latest works take influence from natural history illustration and auction house photography but I also have a fondness for mid 20th century kitsch and colonial anthropology. I am interested in what happens when different kinds of exotic tropes are brought together in a way that seems slightly wrong.

Between 2009 and 2014 I was one half of Skinjobs, a collaborative performance project with artist and muscian Richard Wilson. Works were performed at the Barbican, Tate Britain and Tate Modern and the project culminated in a musical theatre piece titled A Short Play in Black and White performed in Hamburg.

Adam Lives and works in Bow, East London



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