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New Dawn Traders Coffee

New Dawn Traders Coffee photos courtesy of New Dawn Traders and @jamesbannist

New Dawn Traders Panela

New Dawn Traders Panela photos courtesy of New Dawn Traders and @jamesbannist

Film Poster for 'The Both Of Me' Lindy town films

Film Poster for The Both of Me Lindytown Films documentary telling the story of environmental activist Chuck Nelson and his ongoing battle against the coal industry in the USA

Design for New Dawn Rum 2019

Packaging design for New Dawn Rum 2019 New Dawn Traders In collaboration with East London Liquor Company

Film Poster for 'Washed By The Moon'

Film Poster for 'Washed By The Moon' Directed By Dan Shutt. Documentary following a group of traditional Iso-Polyphonic folk singers around the mountains of Albania.

Record covers for Thyla

Record Covers for Thyla. Part of an ongoing cover art collaboration with up and coming Brighton based dream pop band.

Artwork for One More Grain and Daniel Patrick Quinn

Video set to Leg stomper from 2015 album 'Grain Fever'

'Giriama wedding/Scarborough Fair 2008'

A gig poster image from 2008

One More Grain, 'Beans on toast with Pythagoras' 2022

Daniel Patrick Quinn 'No What What' cover 2021

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