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EIEIO Ltd. is a publishing project set up in 2022 by Writer Rich Wilson and Illustrator Adam Latham. Adam and Rich met at art college in 2000. After graduating Adam provided record cover art for Rich's band Xerox Teens throughout the early noughties. They went on to work together producing music, theatre and performance art until 2015 when they both became fathers. Following a short parental hiatus they are now working together producing their own children’s literature after discovering a real love for the subject through the heavy immersion of parenthood.


Horse & Donkey is the first in a series of children's books from EIEIO Ltd that aim to encourage values of environmentalism, cooperation and internationalism.


Horse & Donkey

Horse & Donkey is a story about friendship and understanding. It can be frustrating to be friends with someone who's competitive, jealous and meretricious, but it's important to remember these behaviours stem from insecurities. Today's children will at some point come into contact with social media; Horse & Donkey attempts to forewarn how those who spend too much time comparing themselves to others, trying to appear glamorous and successful, can sometimes miss the bigger picture and even lose track of who they really are.

When Donkey starts digging holes and chopping wood and piling up bricks, Horse copies. In fact Horse tries to do it all much bigger and better. Horse becomes so consumed with trying to win, Horse fails to notice Donkey's been steadfastly building a new home. As the weather changes, Horse is left out in the cold and Donkey sees that Horse's attention-seeking antics mask a craving for recognition and love, indeed they are themselves an act of love and admiration.

The illustrations are created with watercolour and coloured pencils taking inspiration from Raymond Briggs and Axel Scheffler with an attention to detail that recalls the work of Nick Park.

The Paperback is available from this website and some good book shops hopefully.

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